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Combining over twenty years of food manufacturing and distribution experience with a contemporary, health-conscious zest for life, we’ve made a mark in the food industry as a cutting-edge food production company. We produce food in its most natural form where freshness, health, and taste always come first. Well equipped to meet our client's specific needs, we produce both organic and non-organic versions of our fresh 'home-cooked' tortilla wrap, with a variety of options including low carb, whole wheat, and gluten free. And of course, we offer a vast array of different flavors and sizes.

Three basics have made us who we are today: our ingredients, our space and our people.

Our Ingredients

Nothing compares to the sheer simplicity of knowing that your food has come from the most natural source, straight into your own oven and out onto your own serving table. Our fresh tortilla wrap offers a truly authentic experience: we have used the freshest and most natural ingredients that we could find. This means that all our ingredients are locally produced, purely vegetarian, and are the finest in the industry. The finished product is a fresh tortilla wrap, ready for consumers to take home and cook themselves, offering a truly original taste encounter. And since we allow consumers to complete the cooking procedure without the traditional reheating process, our wraps are fresher tasting and they require minimal preservatives. This freshness is freely accessible and easily available. We also take great care in our packaging and delivery process so that our tortilla wraps taste genuinely as good as the day they were made.

Our Space

Good products emerge from more than just good ingredients. We've spared no expense to design and build a state-of-the-art food production plant. In short, our products are made in the best facilities that technology has to offer. Knowledgeable and experienced technical specialists were selected to engineer and conceive this highly advanced facility. So with the most health conscious consumers in mind, we’ve built the most environmentally-safe, efficient facility possible and we continually work hard to provide the utmost sterility. From stringent cleaning procedures to carefully calculated atmospheric regulations, our production rooms embody the best in food production integrity. This attention to detail give us the freedom to prepare our products in the most natural way with little or no preservation agents.

Our People

At the end of the day, we make fresh tortilla wraps that offer an authentic taste experience. This is good stuff that today’s sophisticated urban families won’t pass up. Our entire team keeps in mind one simple vision: freshness comes first. So we won’t compromise any step of the manufacturing, cleansing, storage or delivery process. Our careful monitoring guarantees consistency in our fresh tortilla wraps; you will know that you can count on us for all-round consistency in taste, shape, size and preservation duration. We gladly choose freshness over cost and we choose quality over saving labor. We attentively monitor our team with care and dedication, keeping a respectful, caring working environment where needs are met and opinions are heard. It's simple: we care about our team and our team cares about our food.

In an increasingly fast-paced yet health-conscious world, our fresh wrap tortilla conception appeals to a growing population of healthy eaters with refined tastes. pershing foods offers a uniquely classic yet trendy taste encounter. Our fresh tortilla wraps are fun, healthy and original. The vast array of choice, nutrition and taste that you’ll find in our product line-up makes us a leading contender in the industry. We believe that our fresh tortilla wraps have the potential to soon become a staple for a rising young generation of culturally engaged, sophisticated, smart and healthy eaters.

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