About Us

About Us

Pershing Foods is a new, but rapidly expanding company based in Vernon, CA, that provides high-grade flour tortillas to restaurants and supermarket chains across the country.

Using an innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing process, Pershing provides every customer it serves with an equally healthy and satisfying order.

Our Mission

When the idea of establishing our own company was conceived, our two main goals were to deliver the best tasting tortillas without adding any artificial chemicals or flavor enhancers, and to demonstrate excellence in wholesale food distribution by providing products and services that drive customer success. Our most prized concern is not the potential income we can siphon. Rather, the customer is the focus.

We strive to provide extraordinary flexibility and responsiveness to your requests and therefore produce unique, yet familiar products in a timely manner. However, you won’t see any assembly lines here. With an almost overzealous passion, each step of the process is carefully specialized, resulting in products of the highest quality, flavor, and texture.

Our Vision

The team at Pershing Foods believes in the simple, well-documented fact that food is the strongest medicine for your body/mind/spirit. Too many people suffer from health crises because of a lack of nutrition and an abundance of calories. We want to halt this overgrowing category. We want food to nourish your mind, to connect to your spirit, and to breathe the energy and momentum of life into all your tissues.

And in our own small way, we are steadily arriving at that destination by providing foods of optimum energy and balance at the lowest possible cost. As we expand our product offering, you will experience this philosophy in every dish you serve. It is time that we create a living community together where poverty, hunger, and disease are no longer part of our reality, one customer at a time.

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Headquarter/Vernon Plant
3680 S Santa Fe Ave
Vernon, CA. 90058

Phone: (323)589-1658


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